AqFresh™ webinar at In-Cosmetics Discover featuring our cosmetics & personal care innovation concepts

AqFresh™ webinar at In-Cosmetics Discover

AqFresh™ webinar at In-Cosmetics Discover.

Discover our Deodorant, Hair Colorant & Dry Shampoo innovation concepts, and many more, featuring a revolutionary 5-in-1 molecule capture & release technology.

Listen to our webinar, first presented at In-Cosmetics Discovery in April 2021, to learn about AqFresh™ Pure – the next generation of host-guest chemistry delivering unrivalled pollutant (volatile organic compounds) and malodour elimination capabilities whilst concurrently delivering prolonged ‘smart fragrance’, anti-allergen and antiviral benefits.


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Webinar Description:

AqFresh™ – A revolutionary molecular capture technology with malodour elimination, antipollution, smart fragrance release benefits and more

AqFresh™ Pure is the next generation of host-guest chemistry delivering unrivalled pollutant (volatile organic compounds) and malodour elimination capabilities whilst concurrently delivering prolonged ‘smart fragrance’, anti-allergen and antiviral benefits. With no environmental or human health warnings, AqFresh™ Pure is already in-market in a deodorant brand and can add value in formulations in most Personal Care product categories.

The patented AqFresh™ Pure technology was developed at Aqdot® in Cambridge UK by a team of scientists and innovators. AqFresh™ Pure is made of pumpkin-like shaped molecules, cucurbiturils, named after Cucurbita, the Latin word for pumpkin. AqFresh™ Pure is the next generation of cosmetic chemistry, able to act as molecular capture and release technology leading to consumer noticeable benefits. AqFresh™ Pure contains a mixture of cucurbit[n]urils (n =6, 7, 8) and each homologue has affinity for a variety of molecules. Thus, AqFresh™ has exceptional capability to bind a wide spectrum of molecules with different sizes and functional groups.

AqFresh™ Pure is chemically and thermally stable. The AqFresh™ Pure complexation mechanism is highly application versatile and works in powder and liquid form and is effective at highly diluted concentrations. This combination of attributes enables it to work as a revolutionary 5-IN-1 technology, capable of delivering the following benefits: 1) odour elimination, 2) anti-pollution, 3) smart fragrance delivery, 4) antiallergen and 5) antiviral.

Odour Removal:
AqFresh™ Pure has shown excellent odour removal in a wide range of pH formulations without the need of any masking fragrance. It has proven to be effective against human, food, bathroom, pet and other household smells. AqFresh™ Pure is compatible with most ingredients found in personal care products including surfactants, emulsifiers, enzymes, polymers and fragrances. AqFresh™ Pure delivers instant odour counteraction and long-lasting effects. AqFresh™ Pure has been effectively formulated in deodorant products to remove body odours. Also, AqFresh™ Pure has been incorporated into permanent hair dyes formulations to significantly reduce the “ammonia-like” odour during use.

AqFresh™ Pure has been validated as a powerful anti-pollutant technology. Effective against a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are hazardous to human health including formaldehyde, BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes), smoke and cleaning chemicals.

Smart fragrance delivery:
AqFresh™ Pure delivers pro-fragrance benefits with formulation flexibility.  AqFresh™ Pure can be formulated into products with fragrances and perfumes to give a longer lasting experience and improved hedonic tones. The fragrance release can be accelerated by a variety of triggers including malodours. AqFresh™ Pure can deliver a unique fragrance experience to consumers by releasing fragrance molecules upon capture of malodours in deodorants and/or air fresheners.  AqFresh™ Pure could revolutionise the need for polymeric fragrance release technologies.

AqFresh™ Pure has proven to be exceptionally effective at inactivating protein allergens found in pollen, dust mite, cat and dog dander. AqFresh™ Pure complexes with amino acids and peptides, key components of proteins. Allergens proteins are responsible for the subsequent allergic reactions. AqFresh™ Pure prevents the allergen proteins recognition by the antibodies that would otherwise lead to an allergic response.

Protein complexation is a well-known mechanism to inhibit viruses. AqFresh™ Pure has demonstrated strong efficacy against enveloped viruses such as vaccinia virus as well as difficult non-enveloped ones such as murinenorovirus, herpes simplex and a SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus without affecting the cell, indicating a novel and safe mode of action different to currently available biocidal technologies. The development of antiviral benefits is ongoing. AqFresh™ Pure is not registered as a biocide and is not cytotoxic.

AqFresh™ Pure is not persistent or hazardous to the environment or human health and has been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Platinum Material Health Certificate. AqFresh™ is certified REACH 100 mT and has LVE 10 mT for TSCA and China.