AqFresh™ Hair Dye Odour Removal Webinar

AqFresh™ Hair Dye Odour Removal Webinar

AqFresh™ Hair Dye Odour Removal Webinar

Listen to our AqFresh™ Hair Dye Odour Removal Webinar presented by Sabrina Darly, Technologist in the R&D team at Aqdot. The webinar is focused on the application of AqFresh™ into hair dye formulations to reduce the ammonia odour during use. It covers a brief review of firstly, the structure of hair, secondly, the different types of hair dyes, thirdly, how a permanent hair dye works, and finally, the odour removal efficacy results from testing AqFresh™ in hair dye formulations.





  1. The structure of hair
  2. The different types of hair dyes
  3. How a permanent hair dye works
  4. The odour removal efficacy results from testing AqFresh™ in hair dye formulations


AqFresh™ – A revolutionary molecular capture technology with malodour elimination, and smart fragrance release benefits

AqFresh™ Pure is the next generation of host-guest chemistry delivering unrivalled malodour elimination, prolonged ‘smart fragrance’ capabilities, as well as pollutant (volatile organic compounds) and anti-allergen benefits. With no environmental or human health warnings, AqFresh™ Pure is already in-market in a deodorant brand, for instance, and can add value in formulations in most Personal Care product categories.

The patented AqFresh™ Pure technology was developed at Aqdot® in Cambridge UK by a team of scientists and innovators. This unique technology is made of pumpkin-like shaped molecules, cucurbiturils, named after Cucurbita, the Latin word for pumpkin. AqFresh™ Pure is the next generation of cosmetic chemistry, able to act as molecular capture and release technology leading to consumer noticeable benefits. AqFresh™ Pure contains a mixture of cucurbit[n]urils (n =6, 7, 8) and each homologue has affinity for a variety of molecules. Thus, AqFresh™ has exceptional capability to bind a wide spectrum of molecules with different sizes and functional groups.

AqFresh™ Pure is chemically and thermally stable. The AqFresh™ Pure complexation mechanism is highly application versatile. Consequently, it works in powder and liquid form and is effective at highly diluted concentrations. This combination of attributes enables it to work as a revolutionary 5-IN-1 technology, capable of delivering the following benefits: 1) odour elimination, 2) anti-pollution, 3) smart fragrance delivery, 4) antiallergen and 5) antiviral.

Focus on Odour Removal:

AqFresh™ Pure has shown excellent odour removal in a wide range of pH formulations. Therefore it has no need for any masking fragrance. It has proven to be effective against human, food, bathroom, pet and other household smells. AqFresh™ Pure is compatible with most ingredients found in personal care products including surfactants, emulsifiers, enzymes, polymers and fragrances. Moreover, it delivers instant odour counteraction and long-lasting effects. AqFresh™ Pure has been effectively formulated in deodorant products to remove body odours. Also, AqFresh™ Pure has been incorporated into permanent hair dyes formulations to significantly reduce the “ammonia-like” odour during use.