AqFresh™ Adult Incontinence Consumer Insights Report

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Covering consumers’ attitudes to living with adult incontinence and the absorbent products (diapers, pads, etc) they use, and consumer reactions to some exciting potential new product concepts, this AqFresh™ Adult Incontinence Consumer Insights Report is based on Aqdot’s survey of over 400 consumers which gives valuable insight for our customers.

This report is designed particularly for Marketing and R&D Managers with responsibility for product innovation at manufacturers of adult incontinence consumer products and their nonwoven suppliers.



  1. Survey methodology & sample
  2. Prevalence, degree and type of incontinence experienced
  3. The impact of incontinence on consumers' wellbeing
  4. Key benefits sought from absorbent products (diapers/nappies, pads, shields, underwear) and wipes
  5. Attitudes to odour removal and fragrance longevity
  6. Consumer interest in new adult incontinence absorbent products with improved odour control
  7. Key conclusions
  8. How Aqdot can help you meet your consumers’ needs with our AqFresh™ odour capture technology


Example Insights

*** 76% of those living with incontinence say odour control is a key need ***

*** Lasting odour reduction is the 2nd most important consumer need of an adult incontinence pad or diaper ***

*** Instant odour control is the most important consumer need of adult incontinence wipes ***

*** 8 out of 10 would pay a premium for an incontinence pad or diaper that stays odour-free for 4 hours ***

The report is packed with lots more fascinating consumer insights that could unlock & inspire your next big innovation.


AqFresh™ Technology

AqFresh™ is a versatile new odour capture technology which has been incorporated into hygiene nonwovens used in diapers, pads and medical dressings. It's been proven to significantly reduce product odours and odours from use such as urine, faeces, sweat or menstrual fluids.

 Our patented technology utilizes Cucurbiturils - barrel-shaped molecules with a hollow hydro-phobic cavity and polar portals, enabling them to bind a wide spectrum of unwanted molecules.

AqFresh™ has been proven to reduce urine odour from adult incontinence absorbent pads from ”strong" to "weak” for over 4 hours.


For a free copy of the report, complete your details in the “CONTACT US” section below, adding “ADULT INCONTINENCE REPORT” in the subject.