Adult incontinence pads with AqFresh™ reduce urine odour

Adult incontinence pads with AqFresh™

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The Malodour Challenge for Nonwovens

Absorbent hygiene products lock up bodily fluids but let their smells escape.  So how can nonwovens address consumer demand for an improved sensory experience?


AqFresh™ Technology

AqFresh™ is a versatile new odour capture technology which has been incorporated into hygiene nonwovens used in diapers, pads and medical dressings. It's been proven to significantly reduce product odours and odours from use such as urine, faeces, sweat or menstrual fluids.

 Our patented technology utilizes Cucurbiturils - barrel-shaped molecules with a hollow hydro-phobic cavity and polar portals, enabling them to bind a wide spectrum of unwanted molecules.



NEW Odourless & Odour-Eliminating Nonwovens

Nonwovens that are both odourless and eliminate external odours too, such as urine odour for an adult incontinence ADL layer, are now possible thanks to AqFresh™ technology.


Proven in a range of incorporation methods

AqFresh™ has been successfully incorporated into nonwovens by spraying, padding, dry impregnation or compounding into fibres.


Effective odour elimination of a wide range of human odours

Nonwovens with AqFresh™ have been proven to significantly reduce human odours from “distinct” to “weak” or even “very weak” in sensory panel tests:

AqFresh Nonwoven Sensory Panel Results-1 

Consumer validation of adult incontinence pads with AqFresh™

In a home use test, AqFresh™ delivered effective urine odour removal for up to 12 hours after being applied to the ADL of commercially available adult incontinence pads. 

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  1. Applying AqFresh™ to nonwovens
  2. Odour sensory panel test methodology & results
  3. Consumer home use test methodology & results
  4. Consumer insights from our adult incontinence survey
  5. How Aqdot can help you meet your consumers’ needs with our AqFresh™ odour capture technology


Example Insights

*** Adult incontinence pads with AqFresh™ reduce urine odour from "strong" to "weak" ***

*** Lasting odour reduction is a key consumer need of an adult incontinence pad ***
*** 8 out of 10 would pay a premium for an incontinence pad or diaper that stays odour-free for 4 hours ***

The report is packed with  insights that could unlock your next hygiene nonwoven innovation.



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For a free copy of the report, complete your details in the “CONTACT US” section below, adding “ADULT INCONTINENCE WHITE PAPER” in the subject.