48-hour odour protection for deodorants with AqFresh™ technology – free consumer insights report

48-hour odour protection for deodorants

48-hour odour protection for deodorants with AqFresh™ technology – free consumer insights report


Clinically Proven Patented Technology

AqFresh™ odour capture technology has been clinically proven to give 48-hour odour protection when formulated in deodorants. This unique patented technology uses cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules with a hydrophobic cavity and polar portals – to capture & strongly bind odours, pollutants and allergens. Effective when wet or dry, at a wide range of pH and environmental conditions, AqFresh™ can be formulated into a broad range of personal care products, among many other applications.


Free Consumer Insights Report

80% suffer from body odour and 56% suffer from allergies according to our Aqdot global survey of over 1200 consumers. 61% are concerned about urban air pollution on their skin. 76% wish that the fresh scent of their personal care products would last longer.

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Find Out More

To find out more about our patented technology, fill in the contact form below. Our team of scientists can offer a must-see demonstration of our unique technology in action. They also offer an introduction to the amazing chemistry in action with our 3D video, and will share their wealth of experience formulating AqFresh™ into a rapidly-growing broad range of personal care formulation types.


Trained Panel of Home Testers

For initial screening results, a trained panel of home testers used a stick deodorant with 1 percent AqFresh™ Pure included in the formulation. The home test participants showered in the morning, then applied the deodorant with AqFresh incorporated under one arm only. After 12 hours, 84 percent of the home testers preferred the AqFresh Pure treated side. After 24 hours, 100 percent of the volunteers preferred the AqFresh Pure treated side. Even after 48 hours, the home testers could perceive a difference with 64 percent preferring the AqFresh Pure treated side.


Clinical Study

The initial positive results were confirmed by a clinical study conducted by Elementis under scientific conditions. The study proved that inclusion of only .3 percent AqFresh™ Pure provides immediate and long-term odour reduction and reduces odour perception from perceptible to not perceptible or barely perceptible. In the clinical study, odour evaluation experts conducted four assessments – at 2-minute, 8-hour, 24-hour and 48-hour time periods. Odour was reduced by more than 50 percent after 24 hours and more than 35 percent after 48 hours.


In-vitro Malodour Challenge Testing

Malodour challenge testing demonstrated the odour capture longevity efficacy. AqFresh™ Pure placed in a closed container, was exposed to a dose of malodour every three days over a six-week period. While the control sample developed a strong malodour, the sachet containing AqFresh™ Pure only developed a very weak malodour.