Odourless recycled plastic for car interiors

Odourless recycled plastic for car interiors

NEW cars MUST HAVE at least 25% recycled materials by 2030.

The proposed new EU ELV directive requires automotive OEMs to manufacture cars with at least 25% recycled materials by 2030. But new odour control technology is needed to tackle the malodours from recycled materials.


PP plastic dashboard with AqFresh™ has 1.5pts less VOCs/Odours.

By compounding AqFresh™ odour elimination technology into polypropylene, PP plastic dashboard material has been produced with significantly reduced VOCs/odours - 1.5 pts lower in the VDA-270 industry standard test.

PP plastic dashboard VDA-270-1


Patented ODOUR ELIMINATION Technology

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary odour elimination technology that removes VOCs, odours and pollutants. It uses cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules with a unique symmetrical structure : a hollow, hydrophobic cavity and polar portals - to quickly capture & eliminate unwanted molecules. 

AqFresh™ has been successfully incorporated into plastics, nonwovens, textiles and coatings to remove VOCs, odours & pollutants released by these materials themselves as well as capturing external environmental odours.

It has a broad range of applications and is being formulated into a wide range of car parts including:

  • Automotive Interior Rigid Plastics – PP plastic dashboard material with AqFresh™ has 1.5pts less VOCs/Odours on VDA-270
  • Automotive Interior Coated Textiles – AqFresh™ reduces odours from PVC coated textiles by 1  – 1.5 points on VDA-270 (when applied to the base textile layer)
  • Automotive Interior Nonwovens – AqFresh™ has been added to typical headliner nonwovens to capture odours & VOCs

Nonwovens - plastics - textiles


Automotive Interiors White Paper + CONSUMER INSIGHTS REPORT

Our White Paper details the test methodology & results of VDA odour tests carried out on a range of materials with AqFresh™ added, along with key market insights.

Our Insights Report contains the results of our global Automotive Interiors survey of over 600 consumers. It examines consumers’ attitudes to odour and VOC pollution in cars, innovations in car interior materials, and consumer reactions to some exciting potential new product concepts.

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AqFresh™ technology at Automotive Interiors Expo

To find out more about our patented technology, fill in the contact form below or visit us at stand #3556 at Automotive Interiors Expo Stuttgart 5-7 December 2023. 

Automotive Interiors Expo


3D video of our chemistry in action

Click below to watch a 3D video explaining our chemistry, its key benefits, applications, and performance results .