Non-biocidal odour elimination technology for deodorants - free white paper

Non-biocidal odour elimination technology for deodorants



Growing trend from antiperspirants towards aluminium-free deodorants

65% of the global APD market is deodorants. Aluminium-free deodorants are growing fast with an estimated $1.2Bn global market. It’s a hot trend currently with aluminium-free deos launched by major brands such as Secret and Dove as well as high-end brands eg. Malin+Goetz and Vichy.


Growing awareness of concerns about anti-microbials

A key reason for the trend for aluminium-free deodorants is consumer & regulatory concerns over the use of antimicrobials. In 2017, the FDA banned triclosan and other antibacterial ingredients in personal care products. Scientific studies show that antibacterials negatively alter the skin’s microbiome. And there is a growing trend for microbiome-friendly ingredients in personal care.


The limitations of non-biocidal deodorants

Despite the demand for anti-microbial-free deodorants, performance has not met expectations. Masking fragrance technologies are often unable to last long enough to tackle the malodour effectively. Most users of Personal Care products are dissatisfied with how long the fragrance lasts. They want to smell fresher for longer, and expect products like antiperspirant deodorants to remove body odour effectively when it occurs.
Consumers are also increasingly seeking lightly fragranced (or even fragrance-free) personal care products. Fragrance chemicals can be harsh, potentially triggering allergies and leaving artificial, overpowering perfume scents.


The AqFresh™ solution

AqFresh™ is a patented odour elimination technology made of barrel shaped molecules, called cucurbiturils. Cucurbiturils have a unique symmetrical structure, with a hollow, hydrophobic cavity and polar portals.
Body odour typically consists of a mixture of different types of molecules – including ammonia, thiols and acids – each with different sizes. AqFresh™ consists of a mix of cucurbituril sizes (CB[6], [7] and [8]) which enables it to tightly bind the broad spectrum of odour molecules of different sizes.
AqFresh™ can also be used to deliver triggered fragrance release. Fragrance molecules (particularly the top notes) typically have a weaker binding affinity to AqFresh™ than malodours. Thus when a formulation containing AqFresh™ and fragrance comes into contact with malodour, the fragrance molecule will be released and the malodour captured, which creates a ‘bloom’ fragrance effect.


AqFresh™ 3D video
AqFresh™ performance

AqFresh™ has been proven to reduce body odour to a significantly greater degree than key alternative odour technologies.


It also keeps on working over time to reduce body odour.



AqFresh™ has been tested in leading antiperspirant and deodorant brands and evaluated in clinical studies. To learn more about AqFresh™ performance, request a free copy of our White Paper: “AqFresh™ Odour Eliminating Technology for Deodorants”, by completing the contact form below, putting “AQFRESH DEOS WHITE PAPER” in the subject.