BIOBAX & AQDOT enter a license and supply agreement

BIOBAX & AQDOT enter a license and supply agreement

BIOBAX & AQDOT enter a license and supply agreement that will see AQFRESH formulated into ZYBAX, the environment-friendly biological professional cleaning brand

Aqdot, the Cambridge-based supramolecular chemistry company, has partnered with Biobax, owner of the UK-based environment-friendly biological professional cleaning brand Zybax, to provide the technology behind the innovative new Zybax Advance air freshener alongside the development of their existing range. Removing tough lingering obnoxious malodours is a key challenge for the professional cleaning industry. Most available solutions are based on using high levels of artificial chemical perfumes to temporarily mask the malodour or to use a slow-acting germ-killing solution both of which don’t give the truly fresh result that is needed for instant and lasting freshness.

The new Zybax Advance with AqFresh™ air freshener utilises Aqdot’s patented supramolecular chemistry AqFresh™. It is a novel and versatile performance chemistry that is exceptional at capturing, holding and releasing materials; in this case capturing malodour molecules and eliminating them from the air. AqFresh™ also enhances Zybax Advance’s subtle fragrances of either fresh mint or fresh linen.

With strong sustainability credentials AqFresh™ has achieved a Platinum Material Health Certificate (MHC), which is the highest possible certification level. Biobax plans to use the product within their formulations to sell the product with distinctive Zybax branding through major UK distributors and to promote it from its new corporate website.

Tim Wright, CEO of Aqdot, said: “We are delighted to be working with Biobax, to enable them to further develop the innovative Zybax product range with the launch of Zybax Advance. Our own launch of AqFresh™ has been well very received by customers, enabling them to license the unique, high performance AqFresh™ technology, which we also supply at large scale.”

Kate Pawson, Sales & Marketing Director at Biobax, said: “BioBax and our brand Zybax will be including the new ingredient AqFresh™ as part of our formulations. The licence and supply of the AqFresh™ chemistry to Biobax gives us a great opportunity to continue to innovate with the best in the market and opens up exciting opportunities for future products. Watch this space for our new products containing AqFresh™!”

Aqdot® is a Cambridge (UK)-based supramolecular Chemtech company with a focus and expertise in developing, licensing and selling novel proprietary products. At the core of Aqdot is a novel and versatile performance chemistry, AqFresh™, that has exceptional capability at capturing, holding and releasing materials. Effective dry or when formulated in liquids and coatings this powerful chemistry is game-changing in a wide range of industries, including household and personal care products, fragrances, industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Identifying unmet needs in these sectors, Aqdot develops products that enable our customers to introduce novel and differentiated products, creating value and making a positive impact on the environment. 24 hours.