AqFresh™ Air Freshener Consumer Insights Webinar

AqFresh™ Air Freshener Consumer Insights Webinar

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Air fresheners that make you feel good – new consumer insights from Aqdot

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Our new global consumer survey reveals an emerging consumer demand for innovation in air fresheners offering improved wellbeing & mood thanks to broader indoor air quality benefits and a tailored, longer-lasting fragrance experience.

Our survey reveals consumer demand for air fresheners offering a longer-lasting fragrance experience. AqFresh™ 5-in-1 molecule capture & release technology can be added to air fresheners to offer longer-lasting fragrance by controlling & prolonging the release of fragrance molecules over time. Find out more about our survey and tailor your air freshener innovation programme based on the scent, room, occasion, mood, and emotional/behavioural benefit sought by your brands’ consumers.

Our survey also reveals that consumers want broader indoor air quality benefits from their ideal air freshener and our AqFresh™ technology enables this by removing odours, allergens, pollutants and viruses.

The 30 minute webinar will cover the following:

  1. Survey methodology & sample
  2. Most common smells & where they come from
  3. Negative impact of malodour on mood & mental health
  4. Air freshener brands & types used
  5. Desired fragrance intensity & longevity
  6. Positive impact of fragrance on mood & mental health
  7. Consumer concerns regarding indoor air quality
  8. Indoor air quality benefits sought from air fresheners – e.g.
    1. Inactivating allergens
    2. Neutralising viruses
    3. Capturing pollutants
  9. Air freshener innovation concepts
  10. Key conclusions
  11. Introduction to AqFresh™ which safely removes odours, allergens, pollutants & viruses and provides long-lasting fragrance release

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