AqFresh™ 5-in-1 chemistry explained in 3D video

AqFresh™ 5-in-1 chemistry explained


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AqFresh™ 5-in-1 molecule capture and release technology – improving indoor air quality – 3D video.

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new 5-in-1 molecular capture and release technology that removes odours, pollutants, allergens & viruses whilst delivering prolonged fragrance release.

Our patented technology utilises Cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules with a hollow hydrophobic cavity and polar portals, enabling them to tightly bind a wide spectrum of unwanted molecules. AqFresh™ can also slowly release pre-loaded fragrances molecules over time for a prolonged sensory experience.

This unique 5-in-1 technology has a vast range of indoor air quality applications. It can be used in many industries including textiles, air filters, recycled plastics, surface cleaners, air fresheners, deodorants, hair care, skin care and many more.

AqFresh™ is non-toxic, works in more formulations and environmental conditions, faster, for longer. It has been proven in sensory, gas chromatography, consumer & clinical testing to remove a broader range of pollutants, viruses, odours & allergens and give longer-lasting fragrance release.

AqFresh™ 5-in-1 molecule capture & release technology.

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