AqFresh™ 3D video – automotive interiors anti-odour & anti-pollutant technology

AqFresh™ 3D video – automotive interiors


AqFresh™ 3D video – automotive interiors: anti-odour & anti-pollutant technology.

AqFresh™ has been proven to capture VOC emissions, as well as odours, from PVC and PU coated textiles. This enables them to consistently score below the accepted 3.0 threshold level on the 1-6 scale to meet the VDA-270 standard in the automotive interiors industry.

AqFresh™ powder was incorporated into either the PVC or the coating formulation and the trained panel rated the Volatile Organic Compound odour emissions from the jar containing the material.

For a free VDA odour test report of your textile incorporating AqFresh™, please complete the contact us form below adding “VDA REPORT” in the message.

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All enquirers will receive our free Automotive Interior PVC with low-VOC White Paper, examining the VDA-270 test evaluations carried out on a PVC coated textile incorporating AqFresh™ in the fabric or the coating.

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AqFresh™ 3D video – automotive interiors – our molecule capture and release technology – improving indoor air quality.


Bad smells are usually caused by Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs), found in everyday products like textiles & plastics in new cars. Many VOCs are common indoor air pollutants that are toxic to humans and pets.

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new 5-in-1 molecular capture and release technology removing odours, pollutants, allergens & viruses whilst delivering prolonged fragrance release.

Our patented technology utilises Cucurbiturils. Cucurbiturils have a symmetrical structure with a hollow hydrophobic cavity and polar portals, enabling them to tightly bind a wide spectrum of molecules with different sizes and functional groups.

AqFresh™ has been proven effective in a huge range of indoor air quality applications. When tested on textiles used in car interiors, it has been proven to capture and significantly reduce odour and other VOC emissions enabling high-VOC materials such as PVC and PU and other commercially available coatings to meet the industry standard VDA-270 C3 test.

It has proven efficacy against a broad spectrum of malodours, including faeces malodour reduced by 72% compared to a leading competitor technology’s 6%. With applications in all indoor spaces, AqFresh™ has been proven to reduce air pollutants including formaldehyde by 69% from the EU lowest concentration of interest (LCI) equating to a reduction from 40% above to 57% below the WHO limits, and a broad range of toxic VOCs including BTEX by up to 99%. Cucurbiturils also have the capability to bind  sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and other common pollutants.

AqFresh™ 5-in-1 molecule capture & release technology.

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