Business Weekly: Ones to watch: Aqdot

Business Weekly: Ones to watch: Aqdot - Aqdot

Business Weekly: Ones to watch: Aqdot – Business Weekly

Kate Sweeney, 8 July 2013

Aqdot is a young but diverse company requiring expertise in multiple fields including polymer chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, microfluidics, biological chemistry, chemical engineering, engineering, administration, sales and marketing.

The University of Cambridge Department of Chemistry spinout recently won the first RSC Emerging Technologies Competition for 2013. The event was organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry to identify and support research-intensive small enterprises and academics on the path to commercialise technology in chemical sciences with significant potential impact for the UK economy.

Microencapsulation is currently a multi-billion-per-annum industry with established applications in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and personal care products. The current unmet consumer demand is to produce sustainable and inexpensive capsules that can be triggered to release bio-macromolecules.

To address this critical industry challenge over the next decades, Aqdot has developed an innovative technology to produce microcapsules with greatly simplified manufacturing procedure and unprecedented ability to encapsulate and release enzymes, antibodies and other high value materials.

Aqdot is building a prototype for the consumer products that will act as a demonstrator for the many other possible applications.

Business Weekly: Ones to watch: Aqdot

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