Aqdot & Menadiona announce a strategic partnership to manufacture AqFresh™ in Europe, as Menadiona invests in Aqdot

Aqdot & Menadiona announce a strategic partnership


Strengthens supply chain for AqFresh™ air quality technology, as demand grows
New modular system designed for straight-forward integration into manufacturers’ existing plants
Cements partnership between Aqdot and Menadiona

 Cambridge, UK & Palafolls, SpainUnder a recently signed agreement, Aqdot, the specialist chemtech company, will install a modular manufacturing system at Menadiona’s Palafolls site. This will increase annual manufacturing capacity of AqFresh™ to 500 tonnes, in response to increasing demand for this versatile indoor air quality technology.

Menadiona will provide support during the installation and commissioning of the system and subsequently the manufacturing of AqFresh™. The company has also invested in Aqdot, reflecting the close strategic alignment between both companies.

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new molecule capture & release technology that eliminates odours & pollutants, whilst also offering prolonged fragrance release. Proven in a broad range of applications including nonwovens, textile coatings, home, and personal care products, AqFresh™ has broad spectrum and long-lasting molecular capture efficacy. AqFresh™ is effective wet or dry and can be extruded into plastics and fibres to remove product odours as well as environmental pollutants and smells. Aqdot has designed its modular manufacturing system to be able to straightforwardly ‘plug into’ manufacturers’ facilities globally, enabling local supply and greater supply chain security.

Under this partnership, the first modular system will be installed at Menadiona’s plant in Catalonia (Spain), where production to supply the European market is anticipated to begin in early 2024. Founded in 1970 as a family-owned business, Menadiona is a leading European manufacturer of speciality chemicals, active ingredients and organic intermediates for a wide range of end markets such as pharma, veterinary, personal care or agrochemical industries, among others. Through two production sites located in Spain, the company operates three business units whose products are sold in more than 50 countries: Life Science, Performance Chemicals, and Contract Development and Manufacturing Services.

Carlos Cosin, Chief Executive of Menadiona, said: “We are enjoying working with Aqdot to develop the new manufacturing capability for their highly innovative, market-leading AqFresh™ technology. We are proud to utilise our more than 50 years of deep specialty chemicals manufacturing expertise to sustainably produce complex chemistries such as AqFresh™ at scale. We look forward to further developing our successful collaboration with Aqdot and strengthen our relationship by becoming a shareholder at this exciting time.”

Tim Wright, Chief Executive of Aqdot, said: “We are delighted to agree a strategic partnership with a speciality chemicals manufacturer with such expertise and capability as Menadiona, as we scale in response to customer demand. The combination of our revolutionary AqFresh™ technology and Menadiona’s world class manufacturing capabilities will enable volume manufacture and security of supply for our customers, which include market leaders from a wide range of industries.”

Menadiona join Ingevity, Clariant, IP Group, Parkwalk Advisers, Cambridge Enterprise, Providence, BGF, Future Fund and OP6 Innovation as investors in Aqdot.






Headquartered in Cambridge, England, Aqdot® is a supramolecular chemtech company with a focus on improving air quality through licensing and selling its AqFresh™ platform technology.

AqFresh™ is a novel and versatile performance chemistry that has exceptional capability at capturing, holding and releasing materials. Effective dry or when formulated in liquids, coatings and textile finishing treatments, or when compounded into masterbatch, this powerful chemistry is game-changing in a wide range of industries.

AqFresh™ has no hazard warning for human health or the environment and has achieved a Material Health Certificate (MHC) from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. AqFresh™ is a trademark of Aqdot Limited.

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Established in 1970, Menadiona is a privately owned company, active on a global basis. We are involved in manufacturing API´s and key intermediates for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Nutraceutical and Industrial Chemicals. Aziridine derivatives is a core competence where we offer a wide range of exclusive products.

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