Aqdot and Elementis Establish Exclusive Agreement for Anti-Perspirants & Deodorants

Aqdot & Elementis Establish Agreement

Aqdot and Elementis Establish Exclusive Agreement to
Deliver Proven Odour Capture and Fragrance Release Benefits to
Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Formulators

LONDON, UK AND CAMBRIDGE, UK (Feb. 10, 2021) — Elementis, a leading global specialty chemicals provider, and Aqdot, a supramolecular chemtech company based in Cambridge, England, recently established an exclusive commercial collaboration agreement for the anti-perspirant and deodorant market.

Through this agreement, the Elementis Personal Care Business will exclusively sell Aqdot’s AqFresh™ odour capture and smart fragrance release solution for use in anti-perspirant and deodorant product formulations. AqFresh™ has been shown to significantly enhance odour elimination and is proven to be capable of removing body odours for prolonged periods of time. In addition, AqFresh’s controlled and triggered fragrance release provides long-lasting delivery of a full-fragrance experience. This combination of benefits is ideal for the anti-perspirant and deodorant markets.

“We are looking forward to bringing this much needed solution to the global anti-perspirant and deodorant market while also complementing our market-leading portfolio of actives and ingredients for anti-perspirant and deodorant applications,” said Stijn Dejonckheere, senior vice president for the Elementis Personal Care Business Segment.

Tim Wright, CEO of Aqdot said, “We are delighted to partner with Elementis in the anti-perspirant and deodorant product category given their strength in the global market. We are confident that Elementis’ expertise and go-to-market capabilities will rapidly create significant value for their customers and consumers around the world with AqFresh.”

About Elementis
Elementis is a global specialty chemical company listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company is known for its expertise in rheology and natural, sustainable ingredients and focuses on scientific innovation and development of products that enhance the performance and value of customers’ products in the personal care, and coating markets. Our personal care products, including our market-leading anti-perspirant actives, touch consumers every day with ingredients providing protection, moisturization, and elegant sensorial experiences.  Visit for more information.

About Aqdot
Headquartered in Cambridge, England, Aqdot® is a supramolecular chemtech company with a focus on improving air quality through licensing and selling its AqFresh™ platform technology. AqFresh™ is a novel and versatile performance chemistry that has exceptional capability at capturing, holding and releasing materials. Effective dry or when formulated in liquids and coatings, this powerful chemistry is game-changing in a wide range of industries.

AqFresh™ has no hazard warning for human health or the environment and has achieved a Platinum Material Health Certificate (MHC) from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. AqFresh™ is a trademark of Aqdot Limited.

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